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Lost and Founded.

Ole, being... Ole.
Ole, being... Ole.

Lost & Founded.

As of June 7, 2013, a new page in this chapter of life has finally turned. Varado & Co. is alive and breathing. After years of working long, dreary hours following my nine to five job, the blood, sweat, tears (and pit stains) has amounted to being able to make it on my own. Collaborations with great people like Scott Johnson, Steve Kaspryzk of Megabolt, Dylan Haigh of Haigh & Martino, and the endless support of my girlfriend Heidi has convinced me "I think it's time to give this a shot." Time to buckle down tight, and venture out into the great unknown. 

Sure, the incredible pressure of finding work to do has caused my already prematurely grey hair to increase from an overall 29% coverage to roughly 35%, but wow this is exciting. Can't say I'm not dreading the tax man's unquenchable thirst, but then again, what's life worth if you don't give it a shot. 

Alright, enough of the mushy shit. The purpose of this blog will be to update visitors like yourself with a taste of what the hell is going on behind the doors of Varado & Co. It might be a picture of something I am working on, might be a quick snapshot of my dog Ole trying to initiate himself into the human race, or maybe just something I thought "hey, thats cool, let me post that." A smattering of just life. So enjoy!

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