Brett Stenson

Twin Cylinder Saints

42.98'N // 87.88'W

The BUILD Program is a after school program for kids to compete with other high schools to build the best AHRMA 175CC race bike they can in the span of a semester. Each bike begins as a 2 separate Honda 175's, which the team strips down to nothing, and piece by piece, rebuilds into a AHRMA certified race bike.

We collaborated on both the functionality of the bike, as well as the aesthetic, and through discussion on the theme of the bike, we went with "Good & Evil." Since the name of the town is Saint Francis, this felt fitting, so we came up with a paint scheme to embrace the dichotomy of the good and evil of the bike itself. 

When the teams completed their build, the bikes were judged on a number of categories, hosted by the Iron Horse Hotel. Our bike won in "Art Bike" division!